Hello! Can I ask you a commission? :)

Thanks for asking! I’m currently too busy to accept commissions, but when they are open again I’ll make a post about it. =)

Quick semi-intrusive question if I may; how much have you earned off commissions? It seems like you make a lot.

"A lot" is relative.  It doesn’t cover rent, but it helps pay the bills.

Oni! Your drawings are amazing and the porny stuff is delicious, but you could get some more practice, especially when it comes to body types and breasts shapes, try having more variety please! :3 your art style is lovely and adaptable, I know you can pull it off easily

I’m sure I can too! Mainly you’re not seeing a lot of variation because since last Thanksgiving I’ve pretty much only posted Elsa and Anna art, and I try to keep them on model, especially for commissions.  I’m well aware that their thin, big-headed designs are not representative of most real people (myself included.)

This blog is mostly for my NSFW commissions, so I can’t promise I’ll be posting anything too different here unless someone pays me to.  These days I don’t have enough time to draw porn just for fun!

Holy shit Elsa's dick is HUGE

It ended up bigger than I originally intended, because they needed to cross (like a lightsaber battle!) and it didn’t look as good if I made them smaller.

But let’s be honest, they’re still pretty small by drawn porn standards.  For comparison, this is the pic the commissioner referred me to for reference: http://pictures.hentai-foundry.com//i/IZRA/249740.jpg

Another commission!
Judging by a lot of asks I’ve received, many of you will appreciate this one. ;)

Another commission!

Judging by a lot of asks I’ve received, many of you will appreciate this one. ;)

An oldie, but a goodie. <3

An oldie, but a goodie. <3

Do u do draw requests?

Yes, for money. See previous answers below. =)

what are your commissions prices ? (omg its the first time i ask you this , and its in your porn blog)

It depends on what you want.

Generally, an uncolored full-body sketch of a single character is $40. (Headshots are just $10.)

With lineart and color, it’s $80.

Backgrounds, extra characters, complicated outfits, etc. all cost extra, depending on what is requested.

What's your name? Do you draw yoai? Where are you from?
  1. Onimay
  2. Not usually.
  3. I have lived in several different countries, but I am currently based in the USA.
How does one purchase a sexy Onimay commission?
  1. You send me an ask with specifics about what you want.  More than one character, color, and/or complicated outfits cost extra. There are also some limits to what I’m willing to draw.  
  2. I’ll reply with a price.
  3. Once you send the money via Paypal I will put it on the commission list
  4. I send it to you when it’s finished! (And sometimes post it here, with permission.)